GCPA-DC’s “Operation Clothe Gambia” is part of our mission toward poverty alleviation and development in The Gambia, whereby clothes, shoes, books and toys are collected, shipped and distributed to the needy in the urban and rural areas of The Gambia. The community support and donations are an integral part of GCPA-DC’s success to help clothe the needy.

Funds raised during the annual fundraising gala is used to subsidize operational and shipping cost in order to alleviate proper distribution by our sister Catholic organizations in the Gambia. Items are usually distributed through churches and mosques which are reciprocated with lots of prayers from recipients.

Thank you very much for your donation and generosity towards making a difference and giving back to our community. 

Please use the GCPA-DC Donation Tax Receipt for tax filing purposes of your donations and gifts.

All items donated to GCPA-DC are deductible for income tax purpose at their present FAIR MARKET VALUE (FMV). Internal Revenue Service (IRS) http://www.irs.gov/publications/p561/ar02.html#d0e139Unite,

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